Giorgos Panaras

Giorgos Panaras


Assistant Professor



University of Western Macedonia

Polytechnic School Campus

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Active Urban Planning Zone (ZEP), Kozani

50100 Kozani



Contact Data

Phone (office): +30 24610 56644

Fax: +30 24610 566601


1996 Dipl. Mechanical Engineer, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)

2000 MSc “Environment & Development”, NTUA

2010 PhD in Thermal Energy Systems, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


Professional Experience



2019 – today    Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dpt., UOWM

2014 – 2019      Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Dpt., UOWM

2003 – 2014     Research Associate, National Centre for Scientific Research “DEMOKRITOS”

2010 – 2014       Teaching Associate in the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus

2001 – 2003       Research Associate, NTUA


Research / Laboratory

Energy Efficient Buildings. Installations of various Processes, Planning/Retrofitting. Indoor air quality. Thermal Comfort. Solar thermal system technologies, HVAC system technologies. Experimental investigation and modeling. Assessment of the performance of energy technologies and estimation of the uncertainties of the measured quantities.

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Curriculum Vitae

Mechanical Engineer, with a PhD on Thermal Energy Systems (Solar Air-Conditioning). He has collaborated with NCSR DEMOKRITOS, on the field of energy systems performance analysis, on a research as well as accredited testing level. By this time, he is largely involved on the assessment of the energy performance of buildings and various processes installations, considering issues of HVAC equipment, envelope. Issues related with the assessment and improvement of thermal comfort and air quality are also considered. At the same time, his interest for R&D on HVAC systems, and their combination with solar thermal systems, remains active. He has experience on the penetration of Renewable Energy Sources on a greater scale. He is a regular reviewer in relevant Scientific Journals, as well as a reviewer for relevant Projects on behalf of the Greek Secretariat for Research and Technology. He has participated in 16 R& D projects, as a member of the research team or scientific responsible, and has over than 50 publications in relevant Scientific Journals, International and National Conferences.


Course Catalogue

Fluid Mechanics I, Heating-Ventilation-Air Conditioning, Energy Planning of Buildings I & II, Renewable Energy Sources Laboratory

Energy Production from Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources, Measurement Uncertainties in Energy Problems (Postgraduate)


Publications in


Selected Publications

Papadopoulos G., Panaras G., 2019. Thermal comfort and Indoor air-quality assessment in University Classrooms. Sustainability in the built environment for climate change mitigation, SBE19, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Panaras G., Mathioulakis E., Belessiotis V., 2018. A semi-analytical refrigeration cycle modelling approach for a heat pump hot water heater. International Journal of Sustainable Energy, 37(4), 393-414

Panaras G., Markogiannaki M., Tolis E.I., Sakellaris Y., Bartzis J.G., 2018. Experimental and theoretical investigation of air exchange rate of an indoor aquatic center. Sustainable Cities and Society 39, 126-134.

Mathioulakis E., Panaras G., Belessiotis V., 2012. Uncertainty in estimating the performance of solar thermal systems. Solar Energy 86(11), 3450-3459

Panaras G., Mathioulakis E., Belessiotis V., 2011. Proposal of a control strategy for desiccant air-conditioning systems. Energy 36(9), 5666-5676