Department of Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering, former Department of Engineering and Management of Energy Resources, was established in 1999. The foundation of the Department and its rules of operation are determined by Presidential Decree 179/6.1999 t.a. For the academic year 1999-2000, it received its first 120 students, and since then the department admits about 120 students annually. The department is one of the founding departments of the University of Western Macedonia which was established in 2004. It is rapidly expanding as new positions of academic staff become available.

Teaching and research staff members of the Department have managed to achieve considerable research successes, offering to the Department a gradually increasing international recognition and reputation. The curriculum of the Department was structured taking into account the undergraduate programs in equivalent departments of Greece and abroad and does not differ in the philosophy, the subjects, and the basic directions.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering is located in the city of Kozani which is the heart of energy production in the country. Nearly 70% of the electricity is produced in the power plants located in the broader area of Kozani.

Please, feel free to download the latest External Evaluation Report of the Department.