The Department of Mechanical Engineering caters for high quality education, scientific research and knowledge and offers students a wide range of options in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

Engineering is a broad discipline focusing on a large number of subjects, such as energy, the environment, materials science, engineering design and technology systems control. Mechanical engineering includes, inter alia, research and development, design, testing and manufacturing of products and systems, production planning and control, and business management. The department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Macedonia caters for fundamental education and acquisition of professional skills, which will qualify students to contribute to the continuous technological advances, and achieve outstanding positions both in Greece and abroad.

Upon successful completion of a five-year course (300 ECTS), Mechanical Engineering graduates of the School of Engineering, University of Western Macedonia, are awarded a single, uniform Integrated Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Level 7 (National and European Qualifications Framework), according to 134322 / Ζ1 / 08.08.2018 Ministerial Decision (Government Gazette 3987 / B / 14.09.2018).

Graduates are also entitled, by sitting special exams, to become qualified licensed Mechanical Engineers and registered members of the Technical Chamber of Greece, as described in the Presidential Decree 99 (Government Gazette 187 / A / 05.11.2018).