Undergraduate Studies

You can download the Curriculum Guide of our Department here: 

–> Curriculum Guide of the Department of Mechanical Engineering 2016-2017 [.ZIP]


Postgraduate Studies

Master’s Degree in Energy Technologies and Management

The Mechanical Engineering Department of the Polytechnic School of the University of Western Macedonia, invites interested parties to apply for the postgraduate program of studies “Energy Technologies and Management”.

The Program aims at fostering and promoting education, scientific research and such knowledge as is relevant to the management and exploitation of energy resources, including fossil fuels and renewable energy sources. Special emphasis is placed on natural gas, which is expected to constitute a major resource throughout the post-lignite period in Greece.

For more information Check the official Website of the program: [ ]

PhD Thesis

The Mechanical Engineering Dpt. provides the opportunity to conduct PhD Theses. Doctoral research constitutes a fundamental procedure for the elaboration of research in the Mechanical Engineering Dpt. of the University of Western Macedonia.

The call for candidates is published twice per year on subjects related to the scientific fields of interest of the Academic Staff of the Dpt.