Stergios Maropoulos

Stergios Maropoulos




Vice Rector of Research and Life Long Learning


University of Western Macedonia

Polytechnic School Campus

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Active Urban Planning Zone (ZEP), Kozani

50100 Kozani



Contact Data

Tel.: +30 24610 68013



PhD, Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Alloy Steels, University of Manchester/UMIST.

MSc, Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of Alloy Steels, University of Manchester/UMIST.

BSc, Μetallurgy, University of Manchester/UMIST



“ Laboratory of Mechanical Processes and Quality Control”

“Centre for Testing of Materials and Constructions”


Curriculum Vitae

Vice Rector of Research and Lifelong Learning, University of Western Macedonia, Greece. Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering. Academic field “Machine Elements”. Member of the Regional Research and Innovation Council, Region of Western Macedonia. Member of the Special Development Program Monitoring Committee (EAP), Region of Western Macedonia. Lectures on Material Technology, Welding, Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing, Machining, Machine Elements, Tribology, Metal forming. He has been involved in numerous National and European Research projects. He has published several papers on mechanical properties and fracture of steels, machining and Ti alloy-implants.    

President of the University Research Centre of UOWM, Director of the Laboratory of Mechanical Processes and Quality Control, of the Centre for Testing of Materials and Constructions, “CTMC”, and of the MSc “Welding Engineering and Non Destructive Inspection”.   


Course Catalogue

Machine Elements, Materials Technology, Mechanical Processes, Tribology




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The article was awarded the “Vanadium Award” in 1994 by the Institute of Materials.  

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