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Professor Dr. John G. Bartzis

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Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of West Macedonia (UOWM)

Director of Environmental Technology Laboratory (ETL), Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of West Macedonia (UOWM)



John G. Bartzis

University of Western Macedonia

Department of Mechanical Engineering {} 


Bakola & Sialvera Street

50100 Kozani



Environmental Technology Laboratory (ETL) ‘’


Curriculum Vitae

Professor John G. Bartzis was born in 1947 in Almiri Korinthias, Greece. He obtained his Diploma in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece (1970), his M.S. in Nuclear Engineering from the MIT, USA (1975), and his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the MIT, USA (1977).

He has worked as Research Assistant at the MIT, USA (1974-1977), Quality Engineer at the Public Power Corporation, Athens (1977-1978), Visiting Assistant Professor, at the Nuclear Engineering Department, Purdue University, USA (1979), Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, at the Midwest College of Engineering (Chicago, USA) (1979-1980), Research Engineer, at the Argonne National Laboratory, USA (1979-1980) and Researcher in NCSR “Demokritos” (1980-2001).

He has also worked as a Professor, Director of Environmental Technology Laboratory of the AUTH, Head of Department of Engineering & Management of Energy Resources AUTH, Scientific Advisor of the Environmental Research Laboratory/INT-RP, NCSR “Demokritos” and Head of Department of Engineering & Management of Energy Resources, University of Western Macedonia (U.O.W.M).

He was also Elected Vice-Chairman of COST Senior Officials Committee, Chairman of the COST Strategy Issues Group, Member of JAF Committee of COST, National Representative of COST Senior Official Committee and National representative in several EU and OECD Committees in the field of Nuclear Energy.

His current employment is Professor, Director of Energy and Environment Sector and Director of Environmental Technology Laboratory UOWM. He is also Elected Vice-President of COST Senior Officials Committee and Member of the Safety Committee of Greek Research Nuclear Reactor.

His field of scientific activities includes environmental computational fluid dynamics, atmospheric dispersion with emphasis on terrains of high complexity, air dispersion of chemical/toxic substances, environmental impact of energy production in use, hydrogen technology and safety, urban air pollution, anthropogenic and biogenic emission inventories, measurements of volatile and persistent organic pollutants in the atmosphere and soil. He has participated in or coordinated numerous European Research Projects in the field of environment and radiation protection. He participates in several international scientific committees. He has authored or co-authored over 300 publications in journals, conference proceedings, books, reports, etc.

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Course Catalogue

  •  Emissions and  Transfer of Air Pollutants
  •  Numerical Analysis and Simulation
  •  Computational Mechanics II


Publications in

George C. Efthimiou, John G. Bartzis, Nektarios Koutsourakis, Modelling concentration fluctuations and individual exposure in complex urban enviroments. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics ,2011 

Gamma radiation dose calculation method for Lagrangian-puff atmospheric dispersion models used in real-time emergency response systems, S Andronopoulos and J G Bartzis, Journal of Radiological Protection (accepted – in print) 2010 

Sanda Marina V.Vasile-Pafili ,John G. Bartzis, Experimental investigigation and optimization of carbohydrazide application using different alkalization agents on boilers All-Volatile treatment, Applied Thermal Engineering 30 (2010) 1269-1275 

D.A. Missia, E. Demetriou- Georgiou, N. Michael, E.I.Tolis, J.G. Bartzis, Indoor exposure from building materials: A field study, Atmospheric Environment (accepted for publication)