Alexander Tsouknidas


Alexander Efthimis Tsouknidas


Assistant Professor

Director of the Laboratory of Biomaterials and Computational Mechanics 


University of Western Macedonia

Polytechnic School Campus

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Active Urban Planning Zone (ZEP), Kozani

50100 Kozani


Contact Data

Tel.: +30 2461056642

Fax: +30 2461038675



Mechanical Engineer

PhD in Material Science


Laboratory of Biomaterials and Computational Mechanics BCM


Alexander serves the Department of Mechanical Engineering UoWM as the Director for both, the Laboratory of Biomaterials and Computational Mechanics and the MSc in Biomedical Engineering. He is Co-founder of PLiN Nanotechnology S.A., a University spin-off, which received VC funding during his tenure as the company’s CEO and President. He also serves as an External Reviewer of the World Health Organization (WHO) concerning group-specific guidelines for manufactured nanomaterials and is the President of the Hellenic Society of Biomechanics (2018-2020), to the board of which he was firstly elected in 2013.

Having been granted multiple awards and scholarships for his research, he is ceaselessly involved in high added value projects and global networking activities. Alexander serves the Editorial Board of various citation-indexed journals and has published more than 45 journal papers. His strong ties to industry have led to his appointment to the Board of Directors of several private and public companies as well as scientific societies.

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Bactericides based on copper nanoparticles restrain growth of important plant pathogens.  Varimpopi M., Dimopoulou A., Theologidis I., Karamanidou T., Kaldeli Kerou A., Papafotis D., Vlachou A., Tsouknidas A., Skandalis N.  Pathogens, 9(12), 1–14, 1024, 2020.

Assessment of cytotoxicity and antibacterial effects of silver nanoparticle-doped titanium alloy surfaces.  Kirmanidou Y., Sidira M., Bakopoulou A., Tsouknidas A., Prymak O., Papi R., Choli-Papadopoulou T., Epple M., Michailidis N., Koidis P., Michalakis, K., Dental Materials, 35(9), e220-e233, 2019.

A numerical study of “functional fatigue” of closed-cell NiTi shape memory foams.  Tsouknidas A., Michailidis N., Maliaris G., Makkar J., Baxevanis Th., Lagoudas D., Mechanics of Materials, 131, 11-21, 2019.

Impact absorption capacity of 3D-printed components fabricated by fused deposition modelling.  Tsouknidas A., Pantazopoulos M., Katsoulis I., Fasnakis D., Maropoulos S., Michailidis N., Materials and Design, 102, 41-44, 2016.

New Ti-Alloys and Surface Modifications to Improve the Mechanical Properties and the Biological Response to Orthopedic and Dental Implants.  Kirmanidou Y., Sidira M., Drosou M.-E., Bennani V.,  Bakopoulou A., Tsouknidas A., Michailidis N., Michalakis K.,  BioMed Research International, Article ID 2908570, 2016.

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The effect of kyphoplasty parameters on the dynamic load transfer within the lumbar spine considering the response of a bio-realistic spine segment.  Tsouknidas A., Savvakis S, Asaniotis Y, Anagnostidis K, Lontos A, Michailidis N., Clinical Biomechanics 28(9-10), 949-955, 2013.

Fracture risk in the femoral hip region: A finite element analysis supported experimental approach.  Tsouknidas A., Anagnostidis K., Maliaris G., Michailidis N., Journal of Biomechanics, 45(11), 1959-1964, 2012.