Giorgos Marnellos








University of Western Macedonia

Polytechnic School Campus

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Active Urban Planning Zone (ZEP), Kozani

50100 Kozani



Contact Data

Phone (Office): +30 24610 56690

Fax: +30 24610 56601



1995 – 1999  PhD in Chemical Engineering, Dept. Chemical Engineering, AUTH

PhD Thesis: “Study of catalytic oxidation and hydrogenation reactions with the aid of oxygen and proton conducting solid electrolyte membrane reactors”

1996 – 1998  Master in Business Administration, University of Macedonia

Master Thesis: “The method of Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Point (HACCP) and its implementation in the Greek food industry”

1989 – 1995  Diploma in Chemical Engineering, Dept. Chemical Engineering, AUTH

Thesis: “Study of the electrochemical activation of methane over a perovskite-type oxide catalyst”


Professional Experience



2018 –             Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UoWM

2016 – 2019  Vice Rector of Financial Planning, Infrastructure and Development,

                        Chairman of Research Committee of UoWM

2016 –            Chairman of CluBE

2015 – 2017  Chairman of the Department of Environmental Engineering, UoWM

2013 – 2018   Associate Professor, Dept. Mechanical Engineering, UoWM

2011 – 2014   Adjunct Professor, International Hellenic University 

2008 – 2013   Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UoWM

2003 – 2008   Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UoWM

2003 –             Research Associate, CPERI/CERTH

1999 – 2003   Post-Doc Researcher, CPERI/CERTH

1995 – 1999   Ph.D. Candidate, Dept. Chemical Engineering, AUTH


Research / Laboratory

The research group is active in a wide range of applications related to: (a) the environmental impacts of energy production and use, (b) the renewable and alternative energy sources and (c) the development/evaluation of innovative energy materials/devices/systems. Subjects such as electrochemical engineering (solid oxide fuel/electrolysis cells, electrochemical reactors), heterogeneous catalysis (H2 production, CO2 hydrogenation, VOCs abatement, DeNOX), solid fuels thermochemical processes (pyrolysis and gasification), surface science, materials science & engineering, process system engineering & optimization are at the forefront of research group interests.


Curriculum Vitae

Research activities are focusing in the fields of hydrocarbons processing (natural gas valorisation, production of olefins), hydrogen (iso-octane and bioethanol reforming, steam and H2S electrolysis, electrochemical membrane reactors for hydrogen generation and separation) and fuel cell (direct hydrocarbon and solid carbon high temperature ceramic fuel cells) technologies, CO2 utilization (hydrogenation to methanol and methane, electrolysis toward CO), air pollution control (NOX, VOCs, etc) and biomass to energy conversion technologies (pyrolysis and gasification of solid biomass and biochars). His scientific work has been published in 75 articles in international journals and in >110 articles in scientific conferences with more than 1300 citations (H = 20 – Scopus). Prof. Marnellos has participated in extended research consortiums and has been the scientific coordinator in several National/EU research grants, while he is experienced in the supervision of PhD students (10) and Post-Doc (8) researchers. He is a regular reviewer in relevant scientific Journals and research funding agencies. In 2010, he obtained the Fulbright research scholarship to cooperate with MIT in the research field of fuel cells. In November 2015, he was awarded by the University of Western Macedonia a prize for Innovative Research in 2012-2014. He is currently the Chairman of the Cluster of Bioenergy and Environment in Western Macedonia.

Detailed CV 


Course Catalogue

List of courses offered by the Professor

Undergraduate: Chemistry, Environmental Technology, Special Issues on Pollution Control Technologies, Special Issues on Power Production Systems, Diploma Theses

Postgraduate: Oil and Gas Engineering Technology, Power Production from Renewable and Alternative Energy Sources. Pollution Control Technologies on Power Production, Master and PhD Theses


Publications in

Url’s of publications in various sites (e.g. scholar, scopus, research gate, linkedin,

academia etc.)


Selected Publications

1.  “Ammonia synthesis at atmospheric pressure”, G. Marnellos, and M. Stoukides. Science, 282, 98-100 (1998).

2.  “Synthesis of ammonia at atmospheric pressure with the use of solid state proton conductors”, G. Marnellos, S. Zisekas and M. Stoukides.  Journal of Catalysis, 193, 80-87 (2000).

3. “From biomass to electricity through integrated gasification/SOFC system-optimization and energy balance”, C. Athanasiou, F. Coutelieris, E. Vakouftsi, V. Skoulou, E. Antonakou, G. Marnellos and A. Zabaniotou. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 32(3), 337-342 (2007).

4.  “Study of the reverse water gas shift reaction (RWGS) reaction over Pt in a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) operating under open and closed-circuit conditions”, G. Pekridis, K. Kalimeri, N. Kaklidis, E. Vakouftsi, E.F. Iliopoulou, C. Athanasiou and G.E. Marnellos. Catalysis Today, 127, 337-346 (2007).

5. “Effect of pretreatment and regeneration conditions of Ru/Al2O3 catalysts for N2O decomposition and/or reduction in O2 rich atmospheres and in the presence of NOX, SO2 and H2O”, V.G. Komvokis, G.E. Marnellos, I.A. Vasalos and K.S. Triantifyllidis. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 89(3-4), 627-634 (2009).

6. “CFD modeling of a biogas fuelled SOFC”, E. Vakouftsi, G.E. Marnellos, C. Athanasiou and F. Coutelieris. Solid State Ionics, 192(1), 458-463 (2011).

7.  “Hydrogen production by iso-octane steam reforming over Cu catalysts supported on Rare Earth Oxides (REOs)”, A. Al-Musa, M. Al-Saleh, Z. Ioakimidis, M. Ouzounidou, I.V. Yentekakis, M. Konsolakis, G.E. Marnellos. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39(3), 1350-1363 (2014).

8.   “Effect of carbon type on the performance of a Direct or Hybrid Carbon Solid Oxide Fuel Cell”, N. Kaklidis, V. Kyriakou, I. Garagounis, A. Arenillas, J.A. Menendez, G.E. Marnellos, M. Konsolakis. Royal Society of Chemistry Advances, 4(36), 18792 – 18800 (2014).

9.  “Effect of preparation method on the solid state properties and the deΝ2Ο performance of CuO-CeO2 oxides”, M. Konsolakis, S.A.C. Carabineiro, E. Papista, G.E. Marnellos, P.B. Tavares, J. Agostihno Moreira, Y. Romaguera-Barcelay, J.L. Figueiredo. Catalysis Science & Technology, 5, 3714-3727 (2015).

10.  “Assessment of biochar as feedstock in a direct carbon solid oxide fuel cell”, M. Konsolakis, N. Kaklidis, G.E. Marnellos, D. Zaharaki, K. Komnitsas. Royal Society of Chemistry Advances, 5, 73399-73409 (2015).

11. “N2O decomposition over ceria-promoted Ir/Al2O3 catalysts: The role of ceria”, E. Pachatouridou, E. Papista, A. Delimitis, M.A. Vasiliades, A.M. Efstathiou, M.D. Amiridis, O.S. Alexeev, D. Bloom, G.E. Marnellos, M. Konsolakis and E. Iliopoulou. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 187, 259-268 (2016).

12. “Hydrogen Production by Ethanol Steam Reforming (ESR) over CeO2 Supported Transition Metal (Fe, Co, Ni, Cu) Catalysts: Insight into the Structure-Activity Relationship”, M. Konsolakis, Z. Ioakimidis, Tz. Kraia, G.E. Marnellos. Catalysts 6(3), 39-66 (2016).

13.  “Ethyl acetate abatement on copper catalysts supported on ceria doped with rare earth oxides”, S.A.C. Carabineiro, M. Konsolakis, G.E. Marnellos, M. Faizan Asad, O.S.G.P. Soares, P.B. Tavares, M.F.R. Pereira, J.J.M. Orfao, J.L. Figueiredo. Molecules, 21, 644 (2016).

14. “Carbon Dioxide Hydrogenation over Supported Au nanoparticles: Effect of the support”, A. Vourros, I. Garagounis, V. Kyriakou, S.A.C. Carabineiro, F.J. Maldonado-Hódar, G.E. Marnellos, M. Konsolakis. Journal of CO2 Utilization, 19, 247-256 (2017).

15. “Effect of support nature on the Cobalt-catalyzed CO2 hydrogenation”, J. Díez-Ramírez, P. Sánchez, V. Kyriakou, S. Zafeiratos, G.E. Marnellos, M. Konsolakis, F. Dorado. Journal of CO2 Utilization, 21, 562-571 (2017).

16. “A protonic ceramic membrane reactor for the production of hydrogen from coal steam gasification”, V. Kyriakou, I. Garagounis, A. Vourros, G.E. Marnellos, M. Stoukides. Journal of Membrane Science, 553, 163-170 (2018).

17.   “Remediation of Black Sea ecosystem and pure H2 generation via H2S-H2O co-electrolysis in a proton-conducting membrane cell stack reactor: A feasibility study of the integrated and autonomous approach”, D. Ipsakis, Tz. Kraia, M. Konsolakis, G.E. Marnellos. Renewable Energy, 125, 806-818 (2018).

18. “Electrochemical conversion of CO2 over microchanneled cathode supports of solid oxide electrolysis cells”, L. Yu, J. Wang, Z. Ye, X. Hu, C. Buckley, G. Marnellos, D. Dong. Journal of CO2 Utilization, 26, 179-183 (2018).

19.  “Hydrogen production by H2S decomposition over ceria supported transition metal (Co, Ni, Fe and Cu) catalysts”, Tz. Kraia, N. Kaklidis, M. Konsolakis, G.E. Marnellos. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44(20), 9753-9762 (2019).

20.  “Demonstration of hydrogen production in a hybrid lignite-assisted solid oxide electrolysis cell”, C. Athanasiou, I. Garagounis, V. Kyriakou, A. Vourros, G.E. Marnellos, M. Stoukides. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 44, 22770-22779 (2019).