The Department aims at fostering and promoting education, scientific research and such knowledge as is relevant to the object of contemporary mechanical engineering, with a focus on energy matters, such as:

  • energy technology (production, conversion, transfer, storage and use of conventional and renewable energy sources)
  • management of energy resources with a view to its institutional, organizational and financial effects, on a local as well as on a national and international level.
  • environmental impact of energy on a local, broader and international scale
  • design and maintenance of engines and automatic control systems
  • testing and manufacture of products and systems
  • management of production systems and business administration

Upon completion of five years of study the students will:
– Be able to apply their knowledge to contemporary problems of the industry over their core competence
– Be familiar with modern methods and techniques across the range of technologies over their core competence Be able to use modern tools to solve technical and scientific problems, such as the use of computational tools and software applications.
– Be able to communicate effectively in writing and orally and be a team-player.
– Be able to design, execute and manage a project. Have the ability to monitor individual development of their core competence and to continually improve their knowledge thereof
– Be able to provide direct services to industry and society.
The Department of Mechanical Engineering, beyond its educational function, is involved in developing and operating high-tech research laboratories, participating successfully in a number of national and international competitive research projects that have as outcome publications in international journals and presentations at international or national conferences. Also, the Department places special emphasis on linking academic research to industrial production, research, and development. The knowledge and skills provided to students of the Department, prepare them to staff with high ambitions the departments of production and development of industries and businesses. In addition, the Department hopes some of its graduates will become reputable researchers who in turn become faculty members in Universities and research centers.