Theodoros Theodoulidis


Theodoros Theodoulidis




Rector of University of Western Macedonia



University of Western Macedonia

Polytechnic School Campus

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Active Urban Planning Zone (ZEP), Kozani

50100 Kozani



Contact Data

Phone (office): +30 24610 56655

Fax: +30 24610 56601



1997 PhD in Electrical Engineering, AUTH

1992 Diploma in Electrical Engineering, AUTH


Professional Experience



2013-present Professor, UOWM, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

2007-2013 Associate Professor, UOWM, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

2004-2007 Associate Professor, TEIWM, Dept. of Electrical Engineering

1992-2003 Electrical Engineer, Freelance


Research / Laboratory

Electromagnetic fields in Power Systems

Nondestructive Testing


Curriculum Vitae

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Course Catalogue

Undergraduate: Electrotechnics, Electric Machines, Nondestructive Testing


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Selected Publications

Theodoulidis T., Skarlatos A., “Efficient calculation of transient eddy current response from multi-layer cylindrical conductive media: Transient response from multilayer media”, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, Vol.378, No.2182, Article number 20190588, 2020.

Yu Y., Gao K., Theodoulidis T., Yuan F., “Analytical solution for magnetic field of cylindrical defect in eddy current nondestructive testing”, Physica Scripta, Vol.95, No.1, Article number 015501, 2020.

Theodoulidis T., “Impedance of a coil above a planar conductor with an arbitrary continuous conductivity depth profile”, International Journal of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics, Vol.59, No.4, pp.1179-1185, 2019.

Vafeas S., Skarlatos A., Theodoulidis T., Lesselier D., “Semianalytical method for the identification of inclusions by air-cored coil interaction in ferromagnetic media”, Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, Vol.41, No.16, pp.6422-6442, 2018.

Skarlatos A., Theodoulidis T., “Study of the non-linear eddy-current response in a ferromagnetic plate: Theoretical analysis for the 2D case”, NDT & E International, Vol.93, pp.150-156, 2018.

Wu T., Bowler J.R., Theodoulidis T.P., “Eddy-current induction by a coil whose axis is perpendicular to that of a tube”, IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol.53, No.7, 7873290, 2017.