Nick Taousanidis




Deputy Head of Mechanical Engineering Dpt




University of Western Macedonia

Department of Mechanical Engineering {} 

Bakola & Sialvera Street

50132 Kozani



Contact Data

Phone (office): +30 24610 68070

Fax: +30 24610 56601



2008 PhD in Combined Solar Thermal Systems

1989 Degree in Business Administration

1985 MSc in Energy conservation

1978 Mechanical Engineer


Professional Experience



2019 Professor UoWM, Dpt Mechanical Engineering

2018-2019 Professor TEIWM, Dpt Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design

2014-2018 Associate Professor, TEIWM, Dpt Mechanical Engineering & Industrial Design

1993-2014     Assistant Professor, TEIWM, Dpt Mechanical Engineering

1986-1993     Assistant Professor-external, TEIWM, Dpt Mechanical Engineering



Research / Laboratory

Design and study of combined solar thermal systems operation. Energy (mechanical=electrical) production from salinity difference. Liquid waste management. Higher Education Strategy



Curriculum Vitae

Nick Taousanidis was born in Kozani on 1960. He teaches since 1986 in TEI of Western Macedonia and from May 2019 in UoWM. During 1995-2002 and 2005-2008 he was Head of Mechanical Engineering Dpt -TEIWM, From 1997 to 2018 member of Research Committee (from 2011 as deputy member) and since 2015 Head of the Laboratory “Centre of Renewable and Alternative Energy Forms and Rational Energy Use”. Since Sept 2015 he is Director of the Interdepartmental MSc “Renewable Energy Sources & Buildings Energy Management”, He studied and operated the Boilers Testing Laboratory of TEIWM according ELOT 234-235 Standards from 1987 until 1997 (accredited by ELOT in1988 and 1994). He also studied and overviewed the construction of Radiators testing Laboratory according ISO 3147, 3148 & 3150. Since 1997 he was responsible and participated in a series of research and other programs



Course Catalogue

List of courses offered by the Professor

Undergraduate: Renewable Energy Sources, Cooling and Air conditioning technology, Energy Planning in Buildings

Postgraduate: Technologies of Renewable Energy Sources, Solar Energy Systems, Passive and Bioclimatic Systems



Publications in



Selected Publications

N.Taoussanidis, “A new control strategy for combined solar heating”, WSEAS Transactions on Environment and Development, Vol. 2 (2), pp 92-97, February 2006 N.Taoussanidis and M.Antoniadou ”Sustainable Development in Engineering Education”, Industry & Higher Education. Vol.20(1), pp.35-42, February 2006

N.Taousanidis and M.Antoniadou, “Quality assurance: enhancing or threatening higher education?” Industry & Higher Education. Vol.24(2), pp.87-93, 2010

E. Amanatidou,  E. Trikoilidou,  G. Samiotis,  N-P. Benetis and N. Taousanidis, “An easy uncertainty evaluation of the COD titrimetric analysis in correlation with quality control and validation data. Method applicability region”, Analytical Methods, 2012, 4(12) pp.4204-4212

N.Taoussanidis and E. Amanatidou,  “Performance of a Combined Solar Heating System for Residential Applications in Greece”, International Journal of Sustainable Energy, 2014, vol 33 (4), pp.937-945

V. Karayannis, X. Spiliotis, K. Ntampegliotis, N. Koukouzas, I.Tsianakas, N.Taousanidis & G. Papapolymerou, “Reliability Analysis of Clay Ceramics Incorporating Industrial Solid By-products”, Modern Applied Science, 2014, vol 8, No 6, pp219-228

Elisavet Amanatidou, Georgios Samiotis, Eleni Trikoilidou, George Pekridis, Nikolaos Taousanidis, “Evaluating sedimentation problems in activated sludge treatment plants operating at complete sludge retention time”, Water Research, Volume 69, 1 February 2015, Pages 20-29