Christos Grompanopoulos



Christos   Grompanopoulos



Special Faculty Staff (Ε.ΔΙ.Π.)


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University of Western Macedonia

Office 104 Department of Mechanical Engineering {} 

Bakola & Sialvera

50132 Kozani


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Tel. (office): +30 24610 56752



2014, Phd Thesis: ‘Specification and verification of an attribute-based usage control approach for open and dynamic computing environments’ – Department of Applied Informatics – University of Macedonia .

2004, Master of Science: ‘Computer Systems’ – Department of Applied Informatics – University of Macedonia .

1998 Bachelor: Computer Science – Computer Science Department – University of Crete



Access Control Model in open and dynamic computing environments (IOT)

Formal modelling of access control systems


Curriculum Vitae

Chris Grompanopoulos was born in Amyntaio in 1973. He graduated from the high school of Amyndeo and completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Science at the University of Crete. He did his postgraduate studies at ATEI of West Macedonia in Kozani (in collaboration with the University of Macedonia). His MSc a thesis is entitled “Evaluation of Wireless Network Vulnerability.” Currently, he holds his a PhD from the University of Macedonia under the supervision of Assistant Professor Ioannis Mavridis, with a research topic on “Security Issues in Open and Dynamic Computing Environments”. From 220 until 2017, he was employed as a secondary school teacher by the Greek Ministry of Education, Lifelong Learning and Religious Affairs. From 2017 and on he is holding a possition as a Special Faculty Staff (Ε.ΔΙ.Π.) at Univeristy of Western Macedonia – Department of Mechanical Engineering


Course Catalogue

Introduction to Computing

Advanced Information Technologies and Programming for Mechanical Engineers




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Selected Publications

Grompanopoulos, C., Gouglidis, A., & Mavridou, A. (2020). Specifying and Verifying Usage Control Models and Policies in TLA+. Intl. Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer.

Gouglidis, A., Grompanopoulos, C., & Mavridou, A. (2018). “Formal Verification of Usage Control Models: A Case Study of UseCON Using TLA+”. Paper presented at International Workshop on Methods and Tools for Rigorous System Design, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Grompanopoulos, C., Gouglidis, A., Mavridis, I.: “A use-based approach for enhancing UCON”. In: Security and Trust Management, pp. 81–96. Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2013)

Grompanopoulos C., Mavridis I. “Challenging Issues of UCON in Modern Computing Environments” In: 5th Balkan Conference in Informatics (BCI 2012), Novi Sad, Serbia, September 2012

Grompanopoulos C., Mavridis I., “Towards Use-Based Usage Control” In Proc. 27th IFIP International Information Security and Privacy Conference (SEC 2012), Heraklion, Crete, Greece, June 2012

Grompanopoulos C., Mavridis I., “Towards Differentiated Utilization of Attribute Mutability for Access Control in Ubiquitous Computing” In Proc 14th Panhellenic Conference on Informatics (PCI) Tripoli Greece