Professor Antonios Tourlidakis

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Address Antonios TourlidakisUniversity of Western Macedonia 

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Bakola & Sialvera 

50100 Kozani


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Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery

Relationship Member of the academic staff since 2002  
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Dr Antonios Tourlidakis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Western Macedonia and is currently involved in teaching and research in the fields of fluid mechanics, turbomachinery, wind- hydro- and gas-turbines, renewable energy and computational fluid dynamics applications, power plant optimization, clean coal technologies etc.

Dr Tourlidakis received his first degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece after the successful completion of a five-year course of studies. He received his PhD from the School of Mechanical Engineering of Cranfield University, UK.


Subsequently he developed his research and academic activities at Cranfield University where he worked as a Research Officer, Research Fellow, Lecturer and Senior Lecturer until 2003 when he moved to Greece to undertake his current position. During his career at Cranfield he established himself in the research field of computational methods for fluid machinery applications. Dr Tourlidakis was involved into a large number of research projects supported by industrial and governmental organisations and he developed in the UK a very active research group dealing with the research, development and application of numerical modelling techniques for the aero- and hydro-dynamic design and analysis of gas turbines and of fluid machinery. His main areas of research have been Turbomachinery, Computational Fluid Dynamics, design optimisation and fluid mechanics and he has collaborated with industrial partners such as Rolls-Royce plc, ALSTOM, Shell etc. In parallel, Dr Tourlidakis was heavily involved in the lecturing programme of the University and he also supervised a large number of PhD (10 projects) and MSc research projects.

In the University of Western Macedonia, Dr Tourlidakis developed research interests in the fields of renewable energy (wind, hydro), alternative energy (natural gas, hydrogen, combined cycles, closed cycles), energy management in industry and buildings etc. He has developed strong research links with the Public Power Corporation of Greece in the field of efficiency optimisation and reduction of pollutant emissions of coal fired power plants. His current research interests and collaborations are in the fields of unsteady flow prediction in rotating machinery, process and design optimisation, aerodynamic noise prediction methods in rotating systems, optimisation of power plants, design optimisation of micro gas turbines etc. Dr Tourlidakis published over 50 research papers in international journals and conference proceedings and he has acquired an international patent on a hydraulic turbine assembly in collaboration with Shell International.


Dr Tourlidakis has acted as a reviewer in various scientific Journals such as IMechE Journal of Power and Energy, ASME Journal of Turbomachinery, Aeronautical Journal etc. In addition, Dr Tourlidakis acted as a reviewer in International Conferences such as the ASME Gas-Turbine Congress and Exposition, European Turbomachinery Conference, ΙSABE Congress, IMechE Conferences etc. He acted as a reviewer of three books published by Cambridge University Press and as a reviewer of research proposals to the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council of the UK. He has participated into a number of University and regional working parties and committees for the development of a future energy strategy for the region of Western Macedonia where is the “heart” of electricity production in Greece. He has given a number of public lectures on renewable and alternative energy related subjects.

In 2002 Dr Tourlidakis has won the Charles Arthur Prize of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers of the UK, for the best research paper in Power Generation. Recently he has been awarded the visiting post of the Honorary Senior Lecturer at the School of Engineering at Lancaster University, UK, where he is involved in frontline research on tidal and wave Renewable Energy.

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 Taught courses

120: Fluid Mechanics I  
205: Turbomachinery   
226: Gas Turbine Technology  
318: Wind and hydro - turbines and hydroelectric plants  

Selected Publications

Εlder R.L., Tourlidakis A. and Yates M.Κ. (Εditors) (2003)

“Advances of CFD in Fluid Machinery Design”

John Wiley and Sons, ISBN 1 86058 353 9.


N.H.Afgan, M.G.Carvalho, P.A.Pilavachi, A.Tourlidakis, G.G.Olkhonski, N.Martins (2006), “Anexpertsystemconceptfordiagnosisandmonitoringofgasturbinecombustionchambers”, AppliedThermalEngineering, Volume 26, Issue 7, May 2006, Pages 766-771.


Tzolakis G., Papanikolaou P., Kolokotronis D., Samaras N., Tourlidakis A., Tomboulides A. (2009), “Emissions' reduction of a coal-fired power plant via reduction of consumption through simulation and optimization of its mathematical model”, Operational Research (2009, pp.1-19.

Konias F. and Tourlidakis A. (2010), «Computational analysis of two phase flow in a low-pressure steam turbine», ASME-ATI-UIT 2010 CONFERENCE, Thermal and Environmental Issues in Energy Systems, May 16 – 19, 2010, Sorento, Italy.

 A.Malkogianni, A.Tourlidakis, A.Polyzakis (2010), “Comparison Between Two-Shaft Simple And Recuperated Brayton Cycles, Using Different Types Of Gaseous Fuels”, ASME GT2010-23633, International Gas Turbine Congress and Exposition, TURBO EXPO, GLASGOW 2010.