Quality Assurance Policy


Quality Assurance in Higher Education consists a major target for the European Higher Education Area. Greece belongs to this Area, along with 45 other European countries. The key principle governing quality assurance is the high sense of responsibility of each institution towards students and society for providing high quality education.

In the University of Western Macedonia, the Unit of Quality Assurance (MODIP) operates. MODIP constitutes the central coordinating body of the processes of quality assurance and evaluation of the Foundation, aiming at the systematic  recording and promotion of the work of each Academic Unit and Department separately, as well as of the Foundation as a whole. 

The Mechanical Engineering Dpt., collaborates with MODIP, through the relevant Groups of Internal Evaluation (OMEA). Each OMEA is responsible for the implementation of all the processes and individual procedures anticipated by the Internal Quality Assurance System, as well as for the collection of the necessary data on which the content of the internal evaluation report will be based. The report is forwarded to MODIP.