External Evaluation Report

Specific conclusions resulted from the evaluation can be found in the External Evaluation Report that can be downloaded from the link below. The most important conclusions are:

  • Academic expectations are high, faculty/student relations are excellent (the Department being small, has an open-door policy and very close contacts with the students that are highly appreciated).
  • The student body is academically satisfied and the faculty is aware of the efforts needed to improve the situation (e.g., minimize movements of students between facilities).
  • Several members of the departmental faculty managed to consistently attract over the years important funding from European Framework programmes and elsewhere that has filled the gap in the inexistent state budget.
  • The dynamic faculty has created numerous links and collaborations with other research and academic institutions in Greece and abroad.
  • The educational goals of the Department are clearly specified in the Study Guide.
  • The Curriculum is in full accordance with the Departmental objectives and the requirements of the society.
  • The plethora of courses dedicated to energy-related engineering principles and applications support effectively the main goal of the Department

External Evaluation Report – February 2014